Dear guests, visitors from around the world,

Nowadays, you may find so many websites from which you can buy tours, hotels, tickets, services, etc. We are also among those websites but we may have some different ways of doing business. We have been spending more than 15 years in tourism industry and we found that some people are very rich and have more opportunity to do whatever they want. At the same time, we have looked back to our local people, children or students in Krabi and we found that this people still need help and support from us. Finally we decided to create this website to be a tool for you to use and find some useful information about Krabi and the income from the services you book with us will be shared and donated to those children. Our main purposes of creating this website are:

  • To give information about Krabi and answer any inquiries via email
  • To help you to book transfers, tours and activities in Krabi.
  • To give and donate some income to local schools and children funds.

  • We have got very good support from our business partners and tours operators in Krabi who are professional in organizing tours and have long experience in the tourism business so you can rely on us and feel comfortable to book services with us.

    You may find that our tours prices can be higher than some of other website. This is because there are may tour operators who operate the same tour and we will book tours only with the reliable companies who give better options and services to our clients. One more thing, we can not cut the price in order to fight with other websites. In our view, those websites are actually like our friends who are walking on the same road. You should be proud to spend a little bit more money but you know that some part of your money will go to those students and children. If you have time, we will take you to those schools and we will prepare some donation or presents for the children.

    Even though you booked or don't book holiday with our company, if you want to donate books, cartoon books, pencils, or any other things that can be used by students, you may bring them from home and please let us know. We will send our staffs to collect them from your hotels and donate them to those students. Thank you in advance for your kindness. Please contact us at our email address

    If you have a group of friends and want to make plan in advance, please let us know your needs. We are pleased to help and make your holiday easier. Furthermore, we also arrange private tours for those who want to spend time with friends or family.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to Krabi!

    Thank you for visiting us and enjoy the tour.

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