Our Project

Dear guests and visitors,

One of our projects that we really want to do after establish www.KrabiTravelandTours.com is to donate and support children funds and children from many nursery centers in Krabi.

We have visited those nursery centers several times and we found that the children still need support from us. They need some nice cartoon books, book shelf, notebook, drawing book, crayons for example. So if you want to donate or bring those stuffs with you, we are pleased to collect your stuffs and bring them to those nursery schools for donation. Or if you have time, you are welcome to join us for the activity.

It’s true that everyone is now doing only business. But at the same time, we should look back and think what we can do to give some profits or benefits back to the society. Come with us and let’s make a better place for our children.

If you want to send us letter or message, please click on ‘Contact Us’ menu and fill in your email address and your message then click Submit or you can send your message directly to us at our email address: krabitravelandtours@gmail.com

Thank you and hope to see you in Krabi, Thailand.

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