Phupha Aonang Resort and Spa

Hotel address: 395 Moo 2, Soi 13 Ao Nang, Muang Krabi 81000 Thailand

The two storey four room villas have been designed incorporating the best of modern luxury and traditional Thai style, retaining that unique Thai architecture whilst enjoying all the modern conveniences. All of villas are blended in with the natural surroundings to emphasize the beauty of the abundance of species of native trees, flowers and bamboo that thrive at the resort, resulting in a welcoming retreat that will allow you to get back in tune with nature. The hotel is suitable for those who look for a quiet place during their holidays to Krabi. The hotel’s location is a little bit far from Aonang Beach but the free shuttle buses are provided for the hotel’s guests several times per day. Here below are some nice pictures of the hotel.

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  1. This hotel is located about 1.5 km from Aonang Beach. The hotel has free shuttle bus to take you to Aonang Beach on scheduled basis. It is suitable for those who seek for quiet and relaxing holidays!

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