4 Islands Tour by Speedboat:

Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Chuak are located in the area of Trang province but they can be easily reached by speed boat for just 45 minutes from Koh Lanta.

Koh Ngai is covered with lots of hard corals around the island and is good for those who like to do shallow water snorkelling.

Koh Mook is not famous for the corals reefs but it’s has its own attraction. The highlight of this trip is the ‘Emerald Cave’. You need to swim into the cave and it’s very dark but our guide will lead you safely through the cave. When you are in the cave you’ll find out that you have a feeling of entering into a paradise. You have to come and see it by yourself.

Koh Kradan is famous for under water wedding ceremony in Thailand. Every year, many couples will get married here. It has a very nice beach and you may also snorkel from the beach. Lunch will be served on the beach.

Koh Chuak actually is not an island but it is just only a big rock pointing out from the sea. It got its name from a Thai word “Chuak” which means rope. The sea condition around this rock is usually very strong and many Thai tourists can’t swim so the local guide always tide a long rope at the back of the boat and let them hold it and float into the surface of the sea for snorkelling. Koh Chuak is very famous for colourful soft corals.

Tour Program:

08:30 Start picking up clients from Klong Dao Beach and then pick up guests from other beaches by speed boat.
09:30 Arrive at Koh Ngai and start snorkeling from the boat for 1 hour.
10:30 Visit the Emerald Cave and stay there for about another hour.
12:00 Arrive Koh Kradan and relax on the beach or snorkelling. Lunch will be served on the beach.
14:00 Depart from Koh Kradan and to Koh Chuak for snorkelling.
15:00 Depart from Koh Chuak and head back to Koh Lanta.
16:00 Arrive Koh Lanta.

Tour Included: Hotel transfer, speedboat with crews, tour guide, snorkel, mask, lunch, soft drink, drinking water, fruits.

- Entrance fee is not included

Note: This tour is operated only from November - April, no service in low season (May – Oct) and available only for guests who stay on Koh Lanta.

Tour Price: 4 Islands Tour

Tour Code
Child (4-11 Yrs)
Tour by Speedboat with lunch
1700 THB
850 THB


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